Flower Gift Card


Sending flowers is never a bad idea, but what if your parents are headed out of town on a special trip for their anniversary? Or perhaps you’re racking your brain and just can’t remember your BFFs favorite flower type. Maybe you want to offer someone the ability to order Legato flowers throughout the year.

In times like these, a flower gift card from Legato is a perfect solution. Not only does a card make gift-giving easy, it’s also flexible enough to fit your budget. You can choose to send cards with a value of RM50 — up to RM500. 

Once you select the value amount, all you need to do is supply the recipient’s email address and your name (if you’d like), and you can write a personal message that will be included when your special someone receives their gift card. Then you can check out, send along their card, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

A Legato Gift Card is a great gift idea that is always appreciated.
Just choose the amount and we'll take care of the rest!


Your gift card will be sent by mail.
Please note that we will be mailing your gift card to the information that is provided for the recipient.


Sale price RM180.00 MYR Regular price RM200.00 MYR Sale
Sale price RM90.00 MYR Regular price RM100.00 MYR Sale
Sale price RM45.00 MYR Regular price RM50.00 MYR Sale