Midorie Square Frame

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Midorie Square Frame is a square shaped design and consist of 5 plants (Fittonia Plant).

We have a variation of 4 colors (white/black/red/yellow).


Fittonia is often called the "nerve plant" or "mosaic plant" due to the bright, contrasting veins that run through the leaves. There are many cultivars of the nerve plant that feature many different styles of veining and foliage. The plant is native to the warm, humid regions of South America - especially Peru. This makes fittonia require care that is different compared to most houseplants. 

The plant's requirement for high humidity and moist soil calls for regular watering and misting. Soil also needs to be suitable for fittonia to keep the foliage healthy. Pruning should also be performed to keep the plant looking full and bushy, and to prevent the plant from wasting resources on boring blooms during its flowering stage. 

A little fertilizer can be used to replenish nutrients a few month after potting, too.